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If Finnick's death was written into Mockingjay by man, surely it can be unwritten.

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Freakin’ rude customers

I had finished and was paying for some stuff, and there is a HUGE line. We had 2 people serving and 1 trying in vain to go on break after twice having to come back in to serve.

Cue dick talking to me (at this point I am as much a customer as he is) : Do you think they could open up another register?!!!!

Me: Sorry, we’ve got people going on breaks

Arse hole: Oh obviously customers aren’t as important!

(I’m joining the back of a long cue at this point)

Me: Sorry, we’ve got quotas to meet. You’ll just have to wait like the rest of us. (We can’t make someone work more than 4 hours without a break

Arse: NO! That’s fine! (He looked like the type that says they’ll never come back and they don’t- good riddance and sulks)

At this point my supervisor gives up hope of a break and serves, with me ending up behind him in a que, so i told her he was rude.

Don’t tell a cashier how to do their job. That’s just rude. If we only have 2 members of staff serving, that’s because that’s all we can do. We wouldn’t stand around with a huge line there and do nothing, because we want you to leave us as soon as possible.

We are the first people to complain that we’re understaffed. Believe me. 

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So my dad is using my old phone for his UK work contacting phone

And I wanted my things deleted. There’s absolutely nothing on it that I wouldn’t be happy for him to see- but I think that at almost 18 years old, I don’t want nor need my emails coming up on my dads phone for him to read if he felt the need to violate my privacy, or going through texts and what not. 

So I thought “Hey, I don’t use gmail for anything that can’t be replaced, my email is really specific to me so I can just reactivate it later and no one will have claimed it… delete it”

I then decided I really do need gmail for all sorts of things when my laptop wouldn’t load google, and my iphone stuffed up because I deleted it. So I reactivated my account.

And then- I discovered you can reset the phone. I have deleted my account, reactivated my account, and stressed, if someone looked at my internet history they’d think I was deleting all proof of my existence “How do i delete gmail/ how to delete texts/ how to erase phone data ect. 

And now I just really need a cup of tea and a nap. And I’m about 3 years behind on math homework so that’s not too good either. 

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